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Little "Hootlet" Makes Social Media Easy!

Trust Hootsuite to come up with something as engaging and simple as "Hootlet" to help you manage your Social Media on the fly! If you're using Chrome this little owl will appear wherever you're surfing the web and offer you a myriad of ways to share content directly to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more without having to manually copy the URL, open your Social Media Manager interface and schedule it to go out etc. It may just be my display, but if you find the Hootlet frame has loaded too small to see all your options, just right click and "Reload Frame".

With Hootlet everything is realtime, from posting to scheduling! You can organize your sharing directly from the online material, whether it's a quote, an article, a picture or a video. Done, dusted, out the way... Not only that, you can also have Hootlet auto schedule your post to show at the best possible time for your audience to see it, i.e. maximise your visibility and readability with your followers and the public.

How sweet is that? Watch the video above or visit: to find out more.

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