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“Has Your Target Audience Changed with COVID-19?” It's important your website evolves too.

So before this crazy world we find ourselves in now, your business was up and running and you built that website! You put your storefront online in the hopes of attracting the target market your product appeals to. How did that work out for you?

Times have unfortunately changed, the business environment has drastically shifted, and without a strong foundation and the knowledge of what type of business you now have, you may not be able to attract your new target market. Instead you may attract no-one, or perhaps a few curious visitors. But these casual visitors may not convert into sales, which is what every business needs to earn that ROI (return on investment) and grow.

In order to attract your target market, you need to understand what type of business you now have? COVID-19 has thrown the whole world economy upside down and some are even out the window. (My coping strategy, it hurts... but no better time for humor than when you really need a good dose, in order to help us through challenging times).

Have you been able to migrate to effectively still operate from Home? So are you now a home-based business, or still thankfully a bricks & mortar business, purely online or a cocktail of these different business types? Each business type will have a different goal and this business goal will determine the website content you now need use to interact with your target market.

Let’s look at the four most common business types. When you understand and acknowledge what “type” of business you have you will be able to formulate your website goals, which will in turn determine the key components of your website and its success.

  • Home Business – the home business owner will want to communicate with their team and brainstorm how best to generate new website visitors.” This is his/her primary motivation in having a website. So how do you generate leads? You ensure the website communicates “personal branding” and “provides information”. This will help you and your services/products stand out above and before the crowd so they learn to know, like and trust you; essential psychology prior to a sale.

  • Bricks & Mortar – there are very few salon hair designer, restaurant entrepreneurs still able to fully operate out there, but some may be operating on a reduced capacity, e.g. Take out dining, Bouquets to Order florists etc. They will want to “Generate Leads”, highly targeted leads who turn into customers! This website owner must communicate their change of business focus, display: “location information” so people know where to find them, “In-store promotions” to help customers take that first step inside, “community involvement” to show you care about them and your community and “service/products” so they can decide if it’s of interest to them or not. These website elements invite interaction and grow the ‘Know, Like, Trust’ factor inside a prospective clients psyche!

  • Purely Online – These business owners want to generate “Sales.” The online market is huge, but so is the competition - and now with COVID-19 everyone has taken to the Web to try and survive the next few months! So how do you make your online shop stand out from your competitors? To do this the website must offer: reliable “e-Commerce” so the buyer can complete the sale immediately before they leave and something else catches their emotional eye, “national/global reach” to sell their products to as many people as possible worldwide, “secure transactions” so prospective buyers feel safe, “brand recognition” so customers trust what their buying, and “easy to use” systems so the sale process is simple and seamless.

  • Hybrid Cocktail – Here products are sold both in-store and online through the website so the business owner is looking for new “Customers” to generate more online sales, and hopefully retain them once this economic crisis is over and people feel comfortable walking into your space for offline sales again. This website will highlight which “services/products are offered in store and online”, “promotional tools for in store offers” to entice buyers, their “extend brand” so customers familiar with the in store brand will recognize it online, a “larger reach” to get new customers far and beyond the reach of their brick and mortar business locations, and “increase sales” to maximize their ROI with online sales around the clock worldwide.

Now you see why an understanding of your business type is so important. If you want a new business website or a renovation of an existing one, I hope the above helps you succeed online. If you need help with admin support or web design and maintenance, consider hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA). We save you the time, frustration and learning curve it takes to build your website – even with the simplest of designs.


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